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At Grade Septic Fields

The At Grade septic field design is identical in component structure to the Pressure Distribution System except that the laterals are not buried into the ground. The laterals are placed on the ground surface within a well treed area. Once all the pressure pipes and chambers are constructed the entire lateral is covered over with a substantial amount of wood chips or mulch. Very specific design criteria has been developed to identify where this system can be utilized


  • This system works well in areas that have marginal soil structure for effective effluent treatment.

  • Commonly used in areas which do not want the natural trees removed to accommodate a conventional buried septic field.

  • Very easy access to all septic field components for repair or maintenance since they are not buried.


  • A packaged treatment plant (Proflo system) must be utilized to process the effluent prior to being pumped to the At Grade system.

  • The field has the potential to be damaged by human or animal traffic or by grassland or forest fires.
    The system may require additional wood chip /mulch placement due to settlement, decomposition or wind erosion.

At Grade Septic Fields: Product
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