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Raised Mound Septic Fields

The Raised Mound has the same components as the Pressure Distribution system or the At Grade septic system. The laterals are constructed on top of a thick sand layer which is imported and placed in the field location. Once all the component construction is completed the entire lateral area is covered over with a specific mix of sandy soil to create a long sloping mound structure. The effluent is then distributed over the entire surface area of the mound and is treated by the microbes within the sand layer.

There are strict criteria for the design of a mound based upon the soil characteristics of the ground which it has been built over.


  • It is used where the natural soil structure will not support a septic field operation.

  • It can accommodate a higher daily effluent flow rate into a surface area that is smaller than a conventional field.


  • he mound is costly due to the importation of most of the soils and sand.

  • If it is installed on a slope it is not uncommon for effluent to seep from the lower edges after a period of time if it is being loaded to near capacity.

  • The size and shape could be unsightly if not incorporated into a landscape plan.

Raised Mound Septic Fields: Product
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